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Blue plaid button down shirt _ William Mahoney Brand _ tall and fit mens athletic fit _ tall style _ tall sizes
The William Mahoney (WM) clothing brand is created for Tall & Fit men, not the Big & Tall. The focus at WM is to showcase the uniquely spectacular frame of the Tall & Fit man.
WM Brand is designing collections with everything from button-down shirts, jeans, slacks, vests, chinos, blazers, and more. We source the newest, brightest, softest fabrics from around the world, while focusing on highly detailed craftsmanship, non-shrinking techniques, and wash and wear goods.
The success of this brand is based on listening to you, and building a line for you. This allows us to become more personal with our customers, and is the key to building a brand for you, the Tall & Fit gentleman.
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