Introducing Matt Mahoney - Founder of William Mahoney Clothing Brand

At 6 foot 7, Matt Mahoney, the founder of clothing line William Mahoney, is well acquainted with the struggles tall people face in a world that doesn't cater to their needs. While the average male enjoys the freedom of finding stylish clothing in any ordinary retail store, the tall man finds himself with poor quality, boring and box-cut clothing that even his grandmother would return. Fed up with his own impersonal and exhausting shopping experiences, Matt began to turn his frustrations into a business in 2013, officially founding William Mahoney- apparel for tall and fit men. 

Matt describes his style as diverse, slick and clean-cut. He has a weird thing for jumping into water from basically anything- buildings, cliffs, bridges- you name it. His highest jump has been 75 feet and Base Jumping is on his bucket list. Although an adrenaline junkie, this businessman has a passion for helping his fellow tall friends and promises amazing quality, comfortable, fashionable, and accessible clothing with William Mahoney.

With goals to reach all of the West Coast , and then eventually the East Coast and European apparel markets, Matt treats his product as a gift to all the frustrated tall dudes returning all their ill-fitting clothes to the store. 

Native to Wilmington, Delaware, Matt remembers the day he became interested in the fashion industry. After being told by his mom and sister that his outfit of a maroon shirt and red shorts (yikes) should never been seen out in public, Matt decided he ought to start coordinating his outfits, much to everyone's relief.  After living in several states in the US, Matt noticed a gap in the fashion industry where the needs of tall and fit men were not being met. After some research, Matt moved to LA to learn what it would take to begin an apparel brand in this corner of the world. His reason? "If any place was the place to do this, I’d go to LA where I can play on the beach and hug a palm tree." Same, Matt, same.

William Mahoney strives to accomplish simply this: to empower men and give them confidence, knowing a shirt was designed just for them, off the rack, with no tailoring necessary. In a competitive field such as the apparel industry, this niche brand for 6' 0 to 7' 0 men is driven by quality and passion, both from Matt and his team. In an interview, Matt stated, “I wish people knew how much I care about them...this industry is not easy, so to be able to surround yourself with people you care about and watch them get excited and do what they makes it a whole lot more fun." 

William Mahoney's relaunch in 2017 included this new team of people handling graphics, branding, marketing and more. Exciting things are in store for Matt's brand, and we are all thrilled to be sharing it with you!

"If we get to change someone's attitude and give  them more confidence, that's a good feeling. We want to change the way men feel about themselves. -Matt Mahoney